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What To Look For In The Best and Cheap Gaming Laptop

Throughout the years, consumers, businessmen and students have all gravitated towards technology. It can provide them with an easier and less time consuming way to achieve the day’s tasks. Of course, laptops can be expensive and this is true even with a cheap gaming laptop. What does one need to look for, when attempting to purchase one of these electronics? Is the price the only important factor, or are other factors even more pertinent? Below, you will be able to find out.

Asus ROG gaming Laptop

Numerous Factors To Explore for in a powerful gaming laptop

Initially, you might feel the urge to rush right out and purchase the cheapest gaming laptop that you can find, but this is a mistake. Instead, you need to take your time, analyze your situation and examine your options. By doing this, you will be able to find the best cheap gaming laptop, which is actually worth your time and money.


A complete list of factors that needs to be incorporated into your decision before you purchase one.

  • Price is important, even when purchasing a cheap gaming laptop
  • How will you be using the device?
  • Do you desire to play games on your new computer?
  • Is the laptop for school, business or pleasure?


These are simple personal preferences that should be explored, when attempting to purchase a gaming laptop cheap. Of course, the computer’s specifications cannot be ignored! These will be explored in more details below.

Asus Rog SSD

Necessary Components of A Cheap Gaming Laptop

Now, it is time to get into the fine details. Once you’ve figured out your own personal preferences, you will want to delve into the specifications that are necessary for used gaming laptops. A list of important specs will be listed below for your convenience.


  • Hard drive space – More is generally better
  • RAM – Again, more is better
  • Operating System – This isn’t a major factor, but should still be noted
  • CPU – CPU is imperative for any cheap laptop for gaming! This component will behave as the computer’s heart. A speedier and more powerful CPU is recommended for gaming purposes.
  • GPU – When exploring the GPU, you will likely associate the component with gaming, but it is used for more purposes, as well. GPU is important for decoding videos and enjoy streaming content, so a powerful GPU is recommended.
  • Display – Display and screen size are something to note, but they should not be considered deal breakers.
  • Connectivity – When choosing a laptop, be sure to look at the device’s connectivity capabilities. Wi-Fi is fairly universal, but Bluetooth capability is not. Bluetooth is recommended, but not a necessity.
  • Drives – Do you absolutely need a CD or DVD drive with your laptop? This is something that will likely be extremely important, when purchasing a laptop for gaming cheap! However, a lot of software can be downloaded from the Internet, so these aren’t requirements.

$999 - Discounted

Whats the importance of specification and pricing

What To Look For In The Best and Cheap Gaming Laptop



When exploring your storage options, capacity is important, but speed is even more so. 7200 RPM is one of the best, but you should not shy away from a 5400 RPM disk drive. This is absolutely imperative, if you plan on copying a lot of files to your computer or intend to install lots of large games. A faster drive will help to ensure that these tasks are completed in a much quicker manner. The best gaming laptop cheap will be equipped with a solid-state drive, SSD, and will be even faster than the standard hard drives!


Optical Drives


Optical drives will be imperative for some individuals, but unnecessary for others. If you plan on burning CDs or DVDs, you’ll want a drive, which is capable of serving this purpose. The good news is that this addition will not increase the price of the top cheap gaming laptop too significantly. So, if you desire this feature, it can be added cost effectively.




In today’s world, where everyone utilizes the Internet for one purpose or another, connectivity is imperative. You’ll at least need a computer, which is capable of granting you access to the Internet. Opting for the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard is highly recommended and will provide you with better performance and quicker results. Of course, you should not overlook the potential of Bluetooth connectivity. This addition will give you the ability to use Bluetooth mice and speakers with your computer.


Display and Screen Size


Display and screen size are personal preferences. A smaller screen will guarantee that the device will be easier to transport, but this isn’t a major factor. However, you may want to look for a laptop, which is equipped with a touchscreen. This will cost you a little more, but the feature is undoubtedly helpful and cool.

ASUS RAIDR Express PCI-E SSD Installed In A System



The internal components of the laptop are certainly more important. Don’t ignore the computer’s internal RAM. More is always better and will deliver an improved performance. When speaking with the experts, they’ll tell you that DDR3 RAM is recommended and getting at least 4GB of RAM is imperative! This is exactly what you will get with a cheap laptop, which is worth your money.


Graphics GPU


If you plan on using the computer for schoolwork and nothing else, graphics probably won’t make much of a difference. However, gamers and video enthusiasts will require a powerful graphics-processing unit. This is an absolute must for those that want to be able experience the latest video games on their computer! Attempting to find something with a 4000+ series ATI or 200+ series nVidia is recommended.




And finally, it is time to explore the computer’s CPU, which is probably the most important aspect of all. A more powerful CPU will decrease the computer’s battery life and will increase the price, but it will provide you with an improved experience overall. With a quicker CPU, you’ll be able to utilize programs quicker and will likely experience no lag, when doing so. Choosing a laptop with a Core 2 Duo CPU is fine, as long as it has a quick clock speed and a large cache.

$999 - Discounted

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